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Satin boxers that will have you comfortable whenever they caress your body!
JO H20 Water base lubricant, flavored, silky smooth, no oil, no wax, non sticky, latex safe, long lasting, no scent, no aftertaste, no artificial flavor, compatible with toys, easy to clean. Color: Clear. Water melon flavor. 5.25 us fl oz (150ml)

With choices between viciously sexy black and HOT pink you can’t go wrong with this simple yet so intriguing sleepwear, even nights alone will have you saying. “I am sexy as ever!” comes with a lace neckband and how else to say your ready for a wild night
Monique Sensual Curves Flexible vibrating dildo in plastic, soft texture, phtalate-free, non-toxic, round head, ripples, integrated control, multi-speed, waterproof. Color: Blue. Length: 8" (20.3cm). Uses 2 AA batteries (NI).

Flesh Pussy Loveclone RX masturbator, non allergenic, phthalate-free, anti-bacteria additive, realistic skin texture, vagina and anus shape, 2 openings, 2-speed 2 in (5cm) vibrating egg with hand control unit. Color: Flesh. Depth: 6" (15.2cm) extensible.
Lock & Load Interchangeable Set Interchangeable vibrator sleeve in Loveclone RX (No talc required), phthalate-free, non allergenic, non-toxic, odorless, flexible. small round head, bended, 3 motors, main shaft rotative reversible motor, main shaft's head

Moocher Loveclone masturbator, non allergenic, phthalate-free, anti-bacteria additive, realistic skin texture, vagina shape with small lips, 1 opening. Color: Flesh. Depth: 5" (12.7cm). Extendable ribbed tunnel.
Naughty Party Picks Appetizer picks with 8 assorted humorous sayings (english only), 4 different colors. Pack of 20.

Straight-Up Semi rigid penis erection collar, veins. Color: Flesh. Length: 2.5" (6.4cm).
Mighty Man Trigger Pump Plastic trigger pump, non-toxic, black pump, clear cylinder 7"x2.25" (17.8x5.7cm), soft sleeve, quick release security valve, clear donut, instructions.

OKIYA Rollo Flex Super soft 2-way vibrator in phtalate-free elastomer, non allergenic, antibacterial, ridged shape, high technology integrated control box, 3 separate controls, 2 motors (main shaft & lateral), variable speed rotating & ondulating main sha
Briana Wicked Curves Flexible vibrating dildo in elastomer, soft texture, non-toxic, phthalate-free, curved head, motor at top, integrated control, multi-speed, waterproof, silent. Color: Pink. Length: 6.5" (16.5cm). Uses 2 AAA batteries (NI).

Smoochy Double Headed Rigid dildo in glass, shatterproof, non allergenic, double headed. Color: Clear. Length: 6.5" (16.5cm).
Put on your gloves with this stunning set, stretch lace covers your body but lets out enough to make anyone crave you like nothing before. Satin ribbon trims and a Lace eye mask just for that bonus tantalizing effect.

Relaxing Body Souffle Prepares your skin for a night of romance. Light lotion to soften and soothe your skin leaving your skin smelling delicious. Contains certified organic extracts, lemongrass, coconut, olive oil, shea butter, and mango butter. 150ml.
Fin Fantasy Plastic 3-way vibrator, non allergenic, phthalate free, antibacterial additive, bulbous shape with clitoral and anal stimulators, 10 vibrating rhythms, waterproof. Color: Pink. Length: 5" (12,7cm). Uses 3 AAA batteries.

This halter gown is made from foil printed microfiber. From its star detailing to the dot mesh hem, be prepared to flirt your way into wild nights. When your lover walks through the front door expect them to stare at you in this strap back halter going wi

Twisted Hearts Seduction Rigid vibrating dildo in plastic, soft texture, phtalate-free, non-toxic, abstract shape, designed by women for women, multi-speed integrated control, waterproof. Color: Red & pink. Length: 5.5" (14cm). Uses 2 AAA (NI).
Vac-U-Lock Ultra Harness II & Plug w/5" Realistic Cock Set Vac-U-Lock Ultra Harness II Harness in non-toxic plastic, adjustable, snaps. Color: Black. Vac-U-Lock Plug In non-toxic plastic, snaps. Color: Red. Length: 3" (7.6cm). Vac-U-Lock Realistic Cock Fl

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