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Blush UR3 Dong Flexible dildo in elastomer, soft texture, phtalate-free, latex-free, cadmium-free, non-toxic, antibacterial, veined. Color: Frosty white with pink head. Length: 10" (25.4cm).
Third World Media and Asian Eyes Pictures are very proud to bring you something very special indeed. In the land of the rising sun, women are generally considered very quiet and reserved, especially when it comes to sex. Straight vaginal sex is the norm i

Titlick's Gum Cinnamon Breast shape gum. Flavor: Cinnamon. 20 pieces.
Elated Elephant Jelly vibrator, high technology computerized integrated control box, 2 independent motors with individual speed control, rotative, many small loose beads, elephant shape vibrating clitoral device. Color: Purple. Length: 7.5" (19.1cm). Uses

Des inconnues qui sucent a fond, qui pratiquent des jeux pervers et qui se font mechament enculer.......
Stretch Lace halter sleepwear camisole and matching thong.

Bling Ding Flashing Penis Penis shaped flashing swizzle stick, 2 pack. Color: Red and blue. Batteries included.
JO Anal H2O Water base lubricant, silky smooth, no oil, no wax, non sticky. latex safe, long lasting, no scent, slightly sweet, compatible with toys, easy to clean. Color: Clear. 4.5 us fl oz (135ml).

Warrior Horse Delay Stuff Spray in 6ml (0.2 us fl oz) format.
Shower Gel Sensual mint gel in 500ml (16.9 us fl oz) bottle.

With choices between viciously sexy black and HOT pink you can’t go wrong with this simple yet so intriguing sleepwear, even nights alone will have you saying. “I am sexy as ever!” comes with a lace neckband and how else to say your ready for a wild night
The Centurion Flexible dildo in jelly, ultra soft touch texture, veins. Color: Flesh. Length: 7.5" (19.1cm).

Travel Honeypot Vibrating Mouth Loveclone masturbator, non allergenic, mouth shape with sensuous nodules, multi speed, green flashlight outlook, lubricant, talc. Color: Flesh. Depth: 7" (17.8cm). Uses 2 AAA batteries (NI).
Analub Analgesic anal lubricant in 175ml (5.9 us fl oz) format.

Mini Mini Mouse Rigid vbrating plastic egg, soft texture, non-toxic, mouse shape sleeve, independent control box, multi-speed. Color: Purple. Length: 1.75" (4.4cm).
Nite Warmer Flexible vibrator in silicone, phthalate free, odorless, integrated control, 10 different vibration rhythms, realistic veined shape, waterproof. Color: Pink. Length: 6.5" (16.5cm). Uses 4 AAA batteries (not included).

Vac-U-Lock Ultra Harness II & Plug w/Hollow Extension Set Vac-U-Lock Ultra Harness II Harness in non-toxic plastic, adjustable, snaps. Color: Black. Flexible vibrating extension dildo in plastic, soft texture, non-toxic, veined, hollow, flared base, snaps
Prime Time Very flexible Loveclone RX (No talc required) masturbator, phthalate-free, non allergenic, non-toxic, odorless, vulva shape hole, sitting woman shape ornament on sleeve, nodules inside. Color: Clear Pink. Length: 3.5" (8.9cm).

Love Pillow Cotton and velvet pillow, phthalate free, washable reversible pillow in black or pink. 8'' (20,3cm) jelly vibrator, variable speed. Uses 2 AA batteries.
Mighty Maxi Brute Rigid vibrating dildo in jelly, latex-free, cadmium-free, non-toxic, extra-long, thin, integrated control, multi-speed, waterproof. Color: Pink. Length: 9" (22.9cm). Uses 3 AA batteries (NI).

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