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Penis Flexible vibrator in jelly, integrated control, veins, waterproof. Color: Purple. Length: 8" (20.3cm). Uses 2 AA batteries (NI).
Longer Love Stick Flexible vibrator in jelly, multi speed, waterproof. Color: Purple. Length: 8.5" (21.6cm). Uses 2 AA batteries (NI).

Tusk Tickler Jelly vibrator, non allergenic, phtalate free, bendable ribbed realistic shape, integrated control, 1
The Real Deal Flexible vibrator in jelly, phtalate-free, non allergenic, 2-speed control, ergonomical hand control, 360 degrees rotating base device, succion cup. Color: Flesh. Length: 5.5" (14cm). Uses 2 AA batteries (NI).

Double Bunny 3-way vibrator in jelly, non allergenic, high technology computerized integrated control box, 2 independent motors with individual speed control, reversible rotation, many small loose beads, 2 vibrating clitoral and anal devices in bunny shap
Lacie Heat Desire Flexible vibrating dildo in jelly, soft texture, phtalate-free, non-toxic, heart shape nodules, multi-speed integrated control, waterproof. Color: Purple. Length: 8.25" (20.9cm). Uses 2 AA batteries (NI).

Elite Petite - Climax Vibe Flexible vibrator in jelly, Clear Stone series, non allergenic, realistic shape with spirals and scrotum, integrated multi speed control, waterproof, Color: Clear. Length: 5" (12.7cm). Uses 1 AAA battery (NI).
The Centurion Flexible vibrator in jelly, ultra soft touch texture. integrated control, curved, veins. Waterproof. Color: Flesh. Dimensions: 8.5" x 2" (21.6cm x 5.1cm). Uses 2 AA batteries (NI).

Peter Piper Flexible vibrator in jelly, veins, integrated control box, multi speed, waterproof, scrotum, pink head, pink satin bag. Color: Flesh. Length: 6.5" (16.5cm). Uses 2 AA batteries (NI).
Slithering Sensation Flexible Vibrator in jelly, non allergenic, ribbed realistic shape, slithering sensation, 10-function integrated control, waterproof. Color: Red. Length: 6.5" (16.5cm). Uses 3 AAA batteries (NI).

Licorice Stix Reach Back Vibrating dildo in jellyand rubber (filled), firm & flexible, soft texture, latex-free, cadmium-free, non-toxic, antibacterial, abstract shape, round head, multi-speed integrated control, flared base, waterproof. Color: Black. Len
Lock & Load Interchangeable Set Flexible interchangeable vibrator sleeve in jelly, phtalate-free, non allergenic, non-toxic, odorless, 3 motors, main shaft rotative reversible motor, main shaft's head motor with vibration control, rabbit shape lateral acc

Pleaser Extraordinaire Flexible jelly vibrator, phtalate-free, non allergenic, non-toxic, realistic head, embossed rings on the main shaft, bendable, 2 motors (main and lateral shaft), lateral shaft in butterfly shape, integrated control, waterproof. Colo
TitanMen Vibrations Trainer # 3 Flexible vibrating dildo in jelly and rubber, latex-free, cadmium-free, non toxic, antibacterial, ripples, smooth shaft, dual layers of matte and shiny surface treatments, non slip toy, smooth entry point, integrated contro

Extravaganza Flexible jelly vibrator, 2 independent motors (main shaft and clitoral), multi speed, waterproof. Color: Pink. Length: 7" (17.8cm). Uses 3 AAA batteries (NI).
Home Run Flexible vibrator, ultra soft touch texture, integrated control, multi speed, veins, waterproof. Color: Purple. Length: 7" (17.8cm). Uses 2 AA batteries (NI).

The G Licker Flexible G-spot vibrator in jelly, multi speed, waterproof. Color: Pink. Length: 5" (12.7cm). Uses 1 AA battery (NI).
Curv Lux Flexible G-spot vibrator in jelly, phtalate-free, non allergenic, non-toxic, frosted texture, bendable, integrated control, 10 vibration rhythms, waterproof. Color: Pink. Length: 8.5" (21.6cm). Uses 2 N batteries (NI).

Cosmic Curve Flexible vibrator in jelly, phtalate-free, non allergenic, banana shape, 9 vibration rhythms, one touch functions programming, waterproof. Color: Purple>ength: 8" (20.3cm). Uses 4 AAA batteries (NI).
Multi Play Penguin Magic Flexible 3-way vibrator in jelly, super soft, non allergenic, integrated control box, 2 separate controls, 3 independent motors (main shaft (reversible rotation) with small loose beads, anal & clitoral), 2-speed clitoral and anal

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