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Rubber was one of the first materials sex toys were made of, and were widely used due to the inexpensive nature of the material.

Nowadays PVC rubber is mixed with softeners (phthalates) to create a soft jelly like material. These toys are soft, comfortable, and come in a wide array of colors, shapes and sizes. These toys often look the most interesting, fun, and carry the lowest price tag.
Jelly rubber is impossible to sterilize without breaking down the rubber that it is made of. You can not boil them, or use any alcohol or cleaner on them that will not ruin the materials it is made of. Jelly rubber is also porous, and will harbour bacteria much more easily than any other sex toy material.
Its is recommended to always use a condom over this type of toy.

There are also research that suggests that skin contact should be limited to the phthalates in this type of rubber. A condom should be used for this reason as well.


There are often rubber mixes with elastomers instead of phthalates, elastomers are a newer and safer option that many sex toy makers are moving towards. While there is no concern regarding contact with skin, they are otherwise the same as jelly rubber toys.