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The possibilities are endless when it comes to sex toys for lesbians. With a variety of double ended dildos such as The Crystal Duo (check it out in our dildos section) for simultaneous pleasure. Pretty much anything that can result in clitoral, vaginal or any sensation can be considered a sex toy for lesbians. Like I said "endless possibilities".


Lay back and enjoy the erotic sensation of having your partner stimulate your clit with one of our many vibrators. Such as our Adam and Eve 5X Finger Vibe with 4 pleasure Sleeves or the Double Dolphin Finger Sleeve. Even the Wild Trio Vibrator Set. Check out these and other great products in the Massagers section.


Sensational penetration and clitoral stimulation. Whether you’re on the giving or receiving end, you end up a winner!! Try the Double Lover Strap-on Vibe. A unique sex accessory that will give your lover over 2 inches (5cm) more penetration and stimulate and arouse both of you at the same time! Strap it on, slide in and switch on the vibes. She will get over 2 more throbbing inches and you'll get a sizzling sensation as you take her like never before. Total length 20cm (7.9 inch), inner depth 14cm (5.5 inch) with adjustable elastic straps and easy-use vibe controls. Or for a wild ride, I give you the Double G Pleasure Slip Latex Strap-on. Deeply Kinky latex briefs with two (count 'em) attached dildos, one inside (for wearing internally) and one out.


If a strap-on doesn’t interest you and you still want that ever so important penetration. May I suggest the Candy Lover Dildo? Or the Double Candy Lover Dildo for double the pleasure.


When it comes to lesbian intimacy, its not always about vibrators and dildos as it is about sensuality, pleasing, touching and learning your partner’s erogenous zones. Scented and warming oils are a real aphrodisiac and can put you in just the right relaxing mood to ready you for a long night of passion.


Ladies, I do not need to tell you how good it feels to have your nipples sucked and pulled at just the right moments. Nipples can be one of the most sensitive areas on your body. Some lucky people can achieve orgasm from nipple stimulation alone. If your one of those lucky people may I suggest The Volcano Nipple Sucker, a vibrating nipple sucker with removable tickle brush and wireless adjustable vibrator.