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You can be "clean" and still be very "dirty” Take extra care of your sex toys, just as you want them to take extra care of you. Never use a vibrator or dildo that has not been washed properly.

Unclean sex toys can lead to infection, and ruin all the fun. Most toys can be easily cleaned with soap and warm water after every use. Some adult toys however need a little extra care. Try Climax Burst - Anti-Bacterial Toy Cleaner after a long night's journey into the world of ecstasy, you will want to clean up your toys with this fantastic anti-bacterial cleaner. This water-based cleaner is bursting with Vitamin E enriched beads, perfect for skin protection and extra moisturizing. Simply pop the top and apply generously to your toy surfaces to disinfect and prevent drying.

***Remember to always remove batteries before cleaning your sex toys. Water and batteries do not mix.


While sharing is fun and exciting and widely recommended, remember to always play safe. STD’s  and infections can be passed  along by sharing your adult toy. When bringing your toys along to play remember to cover them with a condom and to change the condom when switching partners or going from anal to vaginal play.


To ensure a long and happy life for your valuable sex toy, storage is as important as cleaning. Remember to always remove the batteries when your done playing as well as making sure you’ve dried your toy completely after washing it. Keep your sex toy in a cool dry Place away from pets, dust and moist areas. Direct sunlight or heat can warp or damage your products.