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The old saying " A good man is hard to find." still rings true today. But you don't need the perfect man to have the perfect penis. With today's variety of dildos a girls choice is limited only to the stretches of her wildest imagination.

If your a full thrust kind of girl than dildos are the perfect adult toy for you. There's huge dildos, jelly dildos, vibrating dildos, metal dildos, limp dildos and so many more.

When buying your first dildo you'll want to start of with something a little smaller and smoother to get used to the thrusting action.

As well as shape, color, size and textures there is also a wide array of materials that your sex toy can come in. Each with it’s own unique sensations and purpose.  Shop Sex Canada Sex Store is here to take the guess work out.


The rubber dildo was the first to hit the modern market in the 1940‘s and were widely Used due to the inexpensive cost of the material. Rubber dildos are firm to the touch and come in a wide array of colors, shapes and sizes.


The oh so popular jellies. .Pliable, warm and squishy. Jelly dildos warm up with your heat. Cheap and fun, how can you ask for more? PVC and jelly dildos cannot be sterilized and it is recommended to use a condom while using these sex toys with a partner. Jelly dildos come in every color of the rainbow and are fun and satisfying.


Introduced in the early 1990’s silicone dildos are quickly becoming a favorite of the the adult toy aficionados of the world. Once rather pricey silicons unique textures and sterilizing capabilities have made this material more popular there lowering the costs. Silicone dildos retain body heat and warm up quickly for one hot experience.


Steel dildos are firm and give unique sensations of the their own and are popular sex toy due to their low friction especially when all lubed up and slippery wet. Steel dildos are also fun because they can be heated or cooled  for extra sensational pleasures. Steel dildos are easily cleaned and sterilized.


The closest thing  out there, next to Mr.Magnificent himself. Cyberskin dildos is a newer addition to the sex toy world. It is a synthetic material which cannot be sterilized and not recommended for sharing... Some things are more fun when your selfish!!


The most recent addition to the many phallic shaped wonders. Glass dildos are very similar to their steel allies, react well to temperatures. Unto their own they are beautiful and creative, smooth and sleek. Glass dildos are generaly made from pyrex, a durable and polished material.