Sex Toys Canada - Our sex shop sells adult sex toys , vibrators and dildos in Canada. Our Canadian sex shop also contains articles on sex toys.

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Sex Toys Canada - our Sex Shop Canada is a one stop sex shop for sex toys and lingerie.

We carry an extensive variety of  Dildos, Vibrators, Anal-Plugs, Strap-ons, Love Dolls, Anal Beads, Bondage Toys and equipment, Sex Games, Lubricants and Oils. Everything is shipped from our Canadian warehouse and our prices are based on Canadian dollars. Male or Female, no matter what your sexual preference - Shop Sex Canada Sex Store has something for you.

Sex Toy Shipping

Everything shipped from our Sex Shop is contained in discreet packaging. All billing is also discreet, the only thing to show up on your credit card bill will be a charge from us should you decide to purchase a product from our Canadian sex store.We also provide information on various products and sex toys in general. We provide prompt shipping on most of our sex toys to Canada.

We please ask that only those above the age of 18 (or the legal age of the area that you are located in) enter our sex store. This is due to the fact that we sell adult products such as: Dildos, Vibrators, Strap-ons, Anal Beads, Bondage Toys, Sex Oils, Sex Lubricants, Anal Plugs, Sex Games and Love Dolls.

Sex Toy Delivery

We deliver our Sex Toys to: Vancouver, Toronto, Montreal, Calgary, Winnipeg, Halifax, Newfoundland, Quebec, British Columbia, Alberta, Ontario , Manitoba, Saskatchewan, New Brunswick, PEI, Nova Scotia, US, and World-Wide.


We pride ourselves on our massive selection of Vibrators, Jelly Vibrators, Hard Vibrators, G-spot Vibrators are just a few of the several categories of Vibrators you will be able to find in our Sex Store. They come in all shapes and sizes. There truly is something for everybody.

Dildos and Dongs

Our selection of Dildos and Realistic feeling Dongs is unparalleled. If your looking for something that feels more real than a vibrator, then this is the category of sex toy for you.

Anal Sex Toys

For some people nothing get you going like Anal Pleasure. Our Selection of Butt-Plugs, Anal Vibrators and lubricants will please even the most selective of Anal Toy fanatics or those who just want to try something different.

Sex Toys for Women

Vibrators / Massagers are mostly used by women to help them reach mind shattering orgasms. We sell many other female sex toys such as: Nipple Clamps, Clitoral devices, vaginal stimulators and male love dolls.

Sex Toys for Men

That's right, sex toys aren't just for women. Men can have sex toys too! We have quite the selection of sex toys for men such as; love dolls, penis pumps, realistic feeling vaginas, mouths (and butt-holes) that will satisfy and fantasy. We also have penis sleeves and cock rings which will arouse both you and your partner.

Personal Lubricants

From silicone to water based lubricants. We have a lube for every application and every situation. Check it out in our Lubricants & Oils section.


Want to drive your partner crazy with desire? Men and Women can both benefit from our selection of hot, sexy lingerie that can spice up any evening.

Imported Sex Toys

Many of the products here at Shop Sex Canada are imported from countries such as Japan and Germany. A lot of these toys have been improved over years of experience. Shop Sex Canada Sex Store prides itself on its international contacts to bring imported sex toys from around to world to your door without having to pay absurd duty fees... and without having to worry that a border agent opened up your sex toy to inspect it. Many sex toy stores in Canada do not carry imported toys; we feel that carrying the top products from around the world will keep even the most selective of desires for filled.

Why buy sex toys from Sex Shop Canada?

We pride ourselves on shipping everything in stock the next business day (sometimes even same day) to ensure that your products get there as fast as possible. By being a Canadian based sex toy store you don't have to pay duty on imported Sex Toys. Everything in our store is secure and discreet, we do daily checkups on our sex toy store website to ensure this. Buy sex toys from our sex shop in Canada! It's very discreet, and very secure.

Sex Toy statements

Any statement on your credit card billed from Shop Sex Canada Sex Store will reflect the name "SSC-Direct" and nothing that will disclose information about your purchase. We offer a support and feedback phone line (1-888-9-SEX-TOYS)

Discreet packaging on sex toys

Everything shipped from Sex Shop Canada is delivered in discreet packaging that does not disclose information about the products within. Shop Sex Canada has had a sex store in operation since the 1980's and we have built up a reputation on providing quality products to our clients at reasonable prices over the span of three decades.

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